Who We Are

Seven Christian Identities to Shape Your Life

Who We Are


Who are you?

What would you say? What would others say?

The term “identity” is somewhat of a buzzword in modern culture. Everyone is either trying to find theirs, embrace theirs, or change theirs. Too often, however, we are taught to pursue all the wrong things when it comes to identity.

For Christians who enter this special society of believers we call the Church, our identity, unlike how the world sees it, does not come from within, but comes from beyond us. Christian identity is ultimately rooted in Jesus Christ. Jesus transforms who we are.

But what does it mean to have your identity rooted in Christ? Jake Doberenz covers seven key aspects of Christian identity. Each element starts with an affirmation of who we aren’t – identities we sometimes pursue to an extreme because culture, our hearts, or even the church convince us to.

Then each of these false pursuits is transformed into an identity that Christ-honoring and life-giving. In the Christian community, we are called to embracing aspects of these seven Christian identities to fully live the life Jesus designed us to live.

So the most important answer to the question of who you are is this:

Who does God say you are?

What They’re Saying …

Read this next in your high school, college, or young-adult small group. In Who We Are: Seven Christian Identities to Shape Your Life, Jake Doberenz engages with the biblical theme of our identity in Christ, which is sadly neglected in many churches. However, young people are insatiable seekers of identity. One Bible teacher said, “For humans, life is an identity project.” This is so true that the students in the college ministry at my church named it Identify Project, which is not my favorite name for a campus bible study. Nevertheless, the drive to understand identity is strong among the Millenials and Gen Z. This book discusses 7 facets of our identity in Christ and should be required reading for the members of your ministry.

Joel Hughes, Ph.D.

Psychology Professor and bi-vocational minister

Jake Doberenz’s book is an insightful look at Christian faith through the perspective of identity, and unlike most other books it goes beyond merely noting being made in God’s image. The book’s focus on 21st-century challenges to Christian faith resonates with what so many have experienced. Anyone who is or knows an emerging adult will find Who We Are to be particularly beneficial.
Brian Simmons, Ph.D.

Professor of Communication, Oklahoma Christian University

Jake Doberenz

Jake Doberenz alternates between the obligations of being a writer, teacher, minister, and entrepreneur. He earned two degrees from Oklahoma Christian University, a Bachelors’s in Bible and a Master of Theological Studies. In 2020, Jake founded Theophany Media, a Christian entertainment and education company that explores the intersection of Christ and creativity. He currently lives in Oklahoma City with his wife and cat.


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