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McGahan Publishing House publishes faith-centric books within the philosophical, theological, or Christian living categories.

The Bible

McGahan Publishing House will publish several editions of the Bible. These works will include popular translations in new formats, such as without verses or chapters, or will include introductions and study notes like standard study Bibles.

The first and flagship Bible produced by MPH is The Holy Scriptures, which consists of the following books:

The Christian Scriptures is a new way to approach the New Testament. A formatting overhaul of the New Testament enables Christian readers to explore its Gospels and letters in a new light.

  • No more verse numbers cutting off sentences.
  • No more chapter numbers cutting off extended ideas.
  • No more chapter headings influencing conclusions.

The Christian reader can read the Scriptures free of any modern additions. But unlike other verse/chapter-free Bibles, The Christian Scriptures, like most ancient literature, employs line numbers, which offers convenience and points of reference to readers without distorting the text. Plus, every Old Testament quotation in the New Testament is included as a footnote and indexed, along with over 300 passages in the Gospels and Acts, so get ready to explore the first-ever New Testament indexed by line numbers!

These changes help to create a new, profound experience with the New Testament.

Available August 2020

The Daily Companion to The Christian Scriptures is a handbook for use when reading and studying the Christian Scriptures. It will contain section and book introductions written by leading biblical scholars – introductions that cover essential information necessary for properly interpreting the text – expanded indexes, daily reading plans, historical Christian documents, and a Psalter.

Coming Spring 2021

The Hebrew Scriptures is, like The Christian Scriptures with the New Testament, a new way of approaching the Old Testament. The traditional Hebrew sections and book order are used, and chapters and verses give way to line numbers in what will be the first ever Old Testament indexed by line number.

Coming Fall 2021

The Daily Companion to The Hebrew Scriptures is, as the Daily Companion to the Christian Scriptures, a handbook containing section and book introductions written by leading Christian, Messianic, and Jewish theologians, expanded indexes, historic Christian and Jewish documents, and reading plans.

Christian Living

The Christian Living books of McGahan Publishing House consist of daily devotionals, spiritual life books, or books that describe and explore specific aspects of the everyday Christian life. These books come from deeply religious writers from across the country, including pastors, faith leaders, and laypeople.
Available Fall 2020

The Remodel by Duane Cross

Available Fall 2020

A Mad Love and a Shameless Audacity by Brandon Ryan

Coming January 2021

Who I Am: Seven Christian Identities to Shape Your Life by Jake Doberenz

Classic Reprints

McGahan Publishing House publishes reprints of famous Christian works: Some classic books need facelifts; some need reprinted for the sake of staying relevant; some works need to be introduced to modern Christians in a new way. MPH will be publishing several classic reprints every year, primarily through our Selected Sermons Series, an offering of annotated sermon collections of some of the most prominent and relevant preachers in history.

From the Prince’s Pulpit: Volume One – Sermons on Grace by Charles Spurgeon

Available Summer 2020
The Selected Sermons of John Wesley

Coming Winter 2020

From the Prince’s Pulpit Volume II: Sermons on Prayer by Charles Spurgeon

Coming Summer 2021
The Selected Sermons of George Fox

Philosophy & Theology

We publish books that expound upon existing branches of Christian theology or introduce new interpretations of theological concepts. We also accept books that examine philosophy from a Christian or religious perspective and welcome divergent views and ideas.

Available August 2020

Inmillennialism: Redefining the Last Days by Michael A. Rogers


If you have a book that you’d like to submit for publication, fill out the form below. We accept outside works that are original and are in one or more of the philosophical, theological, or Christian living categories. We do not take public domain works, Bibles, Bible commentaries, or Bible handbooks from outside authors. Furthermore, we are not required to accept anyone’s submissions.