Faith-centric books within the theological, philosophical, or Christian Living categories..

Garbage Theology

by Caleb Cray Haynes

Daniel Unplugged

by Sam Frost

The Face of Grace

by Wade Burleson


by Michael A. Rogers
 PDF Copy

The Bible & Ancient Science

by Denis O. Lamoureux

Beyond the Evolution vs. Creation Debate

by Denis O. Lamoureux

A Mad Love and a Shameless Audacity

by Brandon Ryan

Who We Are: Seven Christian Identities to Shape Your Life

by Jake Doberenz

The Christian Scriptures

by McGahan Publishing House

From the Prince’s Pulpit Vol. I: Sermons on Grace

by Charles Spurgeon


The Hebrew Scriptures

• Available 2022

The Remodel

by Duane Cross
• Available 2022


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