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Promoting Theological and Philosophical Ideas

We invite all Christian authors to submit their books for publication. We will try to work with anyone to get the book to a place where it can be published to the highest possible standard and achieve maximum marketability potential.

For Authors

We encourage all perspectives for our Christian Living books, so explorations of specific spiritual needs, daily devotionals with a clear focus, or group study books that promote profound spiritual growth will be considered. Not all submissions will be published; submissions must match our values and vision. Also, editors at McGahan Publishing House might not have the time to complete the project within the author’s desired timeframe. All submissions, however, will be considered.

All philosophical and theological books must expound upon existing philosophical or theological ideas or present new ideas. Books that restate doctrines and ideas that already have been explored to the max will not be considered. Some books might reach conclusions – either philosophical or theological – that many Christians will not agree with, but those conclusions are not necessarily held by McGahan Publishing House. We desire to publish material that makes Christians think, and challenging presuppositions and traditional doctrine does that, so keep that in mind before submitting a book in this category.

We ask only that all authors agree on what we consider to be the core Christian beliefs:

  • There is only one God.
  • The Bible is the divine Word of God.
  • The Gospel is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the path to salvation.

All books in the Bible and Classic Reprints categories will be completed by authors and editors within McGahan Publishing House, so outside submissions in these categories will not be accepted. If you submit one, it will be rejected.

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