The Christian Scriptures

Explore the New Testament in a new light!

The Christian Scriptures presents the New Testament in a way that fosters higher-order biblical scholarship with a new approach to the text, order, and format of God’s message to his New Covenant people.


  Line numbers instead of chapters and verses, which give readers convenience without potentially distorting the text with unnatural and unoriginal divisions.

  A new order of the New Testament books into four logical sections – Writings to the Gentiles, Writings to the Jews, Compilation of Peter, and Anthology of John – that maximizes the reader’s capacity to approach the Scriptures with the proper contextual, cultural, and literary mindset.

  Extensive appendices with more than 400 indexed items, including every Old Testament quotation, narrative structures of the Gospels and Acts, and more than 150 events, miracles, and teachings of Jesus and his apostles in the Gospels and Acts.

  Generous margins for notes and a font size that is easy on the eye.

Get ready for a fresh, profound experience with the New Testament Scriptures!

Hardcover: $30, includes shipping | Paperback available soon



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