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Story of the Bible

The Bible is God’s message for ALL people everywhere and is meant to be read by ordinary people like you and me.

If you didn’t grow up reading the Bible and don’t know much (if anything) about it, you are not alone! You may wonder:

  • What kind of book is the Bible – and why is it so big?
  • Who wrote the Bible?
  • What is the main message of the Bible?
  • Do I really need to read the Bible?

This little book is here to help you answer these questions, understand how to read the Bible, and much more!

God promises to bless your spirit and draw you close to Him as you read the Bible!

Pre-order at the discount price of $9 (including taxes and shipping).

Churches and nonprofit organizations can order copies at $4 per copy with a minimum order of 25.

For bulk copies, contact McGahan Publishing