A Mad Love and a Shameless Audacity

Can anything keep you from the mad love of God?

Brandon Ryan answers this question and takes readers on a journey from the depths of hopelessness to the renewed acceptance of God’s love.

What They’re Saying …

Brandon Ryan reminds us that we, as Christians, are always learning to walk with the Lord who loves us so deeply. A Mad Love and a Shameless Audacity is a straight-forward guide full of important information for those of us who want to enjoy the companionship of our Lord and to allow God to love us and let His love move over the old scars and pains in our lives This is a must-read for anyone who is searching for truth or wondering if the Lord hears and cares and understands.
Cathy Martin, Ph.D.

Christian Counselor

With raw honesty, Brandon shares his journey with Jesus. Brandon takes you through his story in a way that you feel what he’s been through – as if it was your story and not his. He wraps it all together in a way that you sense the mad love and shameless audacity of the Lord he follows, the love of Jesus. Brandon’s story is a great one for someone who needs motivation to keep walking through difficult things!
Ryan Pramberg

Youth Pastor

In A Mad Love and a Shameless Audacity, Brandon Ryan gets personal about his journey with the grace of God. Battling through the challenges of cerebral palsy and the discouragement of friends seeming to lose their faith along the way, Brandon doubles down on a hunger to know Christ more and to accept the acceptance that belongs to him as a son of God. Shameless audacity – the courage to be himself and to press onward in life – comes from receiving the mad love with which God loves him in Christ. Befitting his martial arts background, Brandon Ryan writes like a grappler. He wrestles between self-criticism and self-acceptance, between God’s grace and human choices to flee from grace. This is not a book that ties up all loose ends. This is a transparent book that gets into issues that don’t necessarily get talked about when Christian men get together. But they are real and the places where God’s grace means the most. A Mad Love and a Shameless Audacity brings a message of encouragement for readers who feel alone in their struggles, and a bracing challenge for those who are willing to believe in Christ as Savior: to accept that our identity in Christ – not the picture we’ve had of ourselves in the past – is who we truly are now.

Andrew "Roo" Burnett, Ph.D.



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