Inmillennialism is the second book from McGahan Publishing House. Author Michael A Rogers is a native of Alabama, born in Auburn and raised in Blount County. He is a retired electrical engineer, systems development manager, and Baptist pastor. He and his wife, Betty, live and worship in Gadsden, Ala.

“I’ve always had the conviction that Christians should be ‘people of the Book.’ Theological creeds and confessions can be helpful, but in one sense, they can at times be detrimental. If a Christian trusts more in what others say about the Bible than investigating for himself the language, context, and theme of the biblical text, then that Christian misses out on thinking for himself. Apocalyptic literature in Scripture is an example. Denominational creeds or confessions typically lock the Bible student into a particular interpretation, ignoring potential life-transforming truth because “it isn’t taught like that in the creeds.”  Mike Rogers’ book Inmillennialism is a great way to begin understanding the Book trumps any creed or confession. Mike doesn’t demand conformity of the reader, nor does he denigrate past confessions or creeds. What Mike does is expertly call Christians to let the Scriptures speak for themselves. I came away from reading Inmillennialism with a fresh sense of God’s providence, the power of God’s grace in the Person and work of Jesus Christ, and a deeper understanding that this world is headed toward that time when the Prince of Peace reigns in the hearts of all men and rules over all the nations.”

Wade Burleson

Pastor, Historian, Writer, Former President, Oklahoma State Baptist Convention


Are we living in the last days?

The existing prophetic models for the last days and second coming of Christ do not provide adequate explanations for biblical passages that say Jesus would return within the first century.

This inadequacy results from the piecemeal development of these models. This sporadic development has created models that demand erroneous assumptions and unbiblical corrective devices in their interpretation of key passages and terms.

Michael A. Rogers corrects these assumptions and systematically develops a comprehensive prophetic model capable of explaining these problematic passages, a model that respects both the Bible’s teaching and the orthodox doctrine of the historical Church.

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