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McGahan Publishing House

We are an independent Christian publishing company dedicated to enriching minds with timeless literature that speaks to all facets of the Christian life.

Caleb Poston

McGahan Publishing House started in 2019 when Caleb Poston decided to turn a passion into reality. A life-long Christian, Caleb has served in various ministry capacities, including preacher, youth pastor, and outreach director. He began writing at a young age, using an old typewriter bought for him by his father to author any story that came to his mind.

Caleb’s passion for writing grew in college as he studied religion and ministry during his undergraduate studies and then flourished during his graduate studies in education, English, and theology. McGahan Publishing House enables him to fulfill his passion for creating books while helping other writers accomplish their writing goals.

He educates middle schoolers as an English teacher during the day. At night, he edits and formats books, corresponds with authors, searches for potential content to publish, and works out the details of McGahan Publishing House. Caleb is the husband to his wife, Christine, father to their daughter, Pearl, and serving as the director of a nonprofit organization and a board member of a homeless shelter.

Duane Cross

A journalist for more than 30 years, Duane spent 10 years working for newspapers before surfing the World Wide Web for 15 years with Turner. In 2015, he launched doubleDmedia and Enlighten Marketing to help content creators and businesses create engaging – and lasting – relationships with audiences.

As a freelance writer and marketing business owner, Duane is uniquely qualified to cut through the “word salad” that often muddies the waters when businesses and content creators team up to launch an internet platform, social media program, or email marketing campaign.

Duane and wife Mandy have four children – two boys, two girls – and live on his maternal grandparents’ once-upon-a-time tobacco farmstead. They while away the time herding animals and snapping shots of the incredible natural surroundings. (He also collects sports and pop culture memorabilia, which his wife finds amusing – and aggravating.)

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